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The wonderful Katy White, who writes YA of all genres, tagged me for this blog link up! You can learn more about this amazing writer (and dear friend of mine!) and her writing style here!

What am I working on? 

I am currently revising and editing a YA Fantasy novel about mermaids so I can send it to the agent who requested a full manuscript.

Tagline: The Little Mermaid, if the little mermaid had been a soldier, had hated humans, and had never wanted to become one.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Have you read mermaid books? Usually they’re about some ditzy teenage girl who finds out she’s really a mermaid princess and then all the boys fall in love with her and she just doesn’t know which one to choose but oh she has to keep her mermaid-ness a secret but its so hard when the boys won’t stay away from her and her mermaid powers end up being just what she needs to save the day (along with her new-found self-confidence).


Or else they’re evil creatures used for plot devices.

I wanted something a little more serious and dark without being so extreme.


Why do I write what I do?

I survived middle school and high school because of YA Fantasy. I still read YA, mostly Fantasy. My favorite authors are YA authors, many Fantasy. I caught the Fantasy genre bug from my parents (though they were both more on the Sci-Fi side). If I can do for lonely pre-teens and teens what the author’s of my favorite books did for me, I’ll consider myself successful.


How does my writing process work?

It doesn’t? Okay, just kidding. Sorta. I’m trying to improve it. It used to be writewritewritewritewrite during NaNoWriMo months with little in between. Those are still my most productive months. But this year I made the resolution to write or edit at least 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I’m not perfect at it, but it’s getting better. And I’m making progress. More than I was when NaNoWriMo was my only productive time.

Phew, that was fun! The next link up will be by Jeanna Stay next Monday! I look forward to learning about her writing style!


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  1. Katy

    Your best practice of writing or editing for fifteen minutes per day is fantastic. I’ve been in a funk over the last week, and I need to jump back in, so I’m going to commit to fifteen minutes every day this week. 🙂 Also, your description of other mermaid books is hilarious! I’d read yours over the others any day. 🙂

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