Pantsing and Planning 2 OR Continuing the Snowflake Method

This is a continuing report from a previous post which you can read here.

As the time for Nano-ing approaches (I so love turning nouns into verbs!), I’m putting more effort into my planning in order to assure 1) a good solid foundation of a first draft to eventually revise and edit into a great book and 2) a nanowrimo win, since for me one of the biggest challenges will be fighting writers block. If I’m well planned, I’m less likely to have my muse disappear! So, I’ve been happily working through the steps of the Snowflake Method in order to discover just what my story is about and figure out all its little details. Read more »

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Are you ready for NaNo?

I know since school started that I haven’t been blogging like I should be. So, since this week is Fall Break, I knew I had to take the opportunity to blog or else who knows when I’d feel sane and whelmed (as opposed to overwhelmed!) enough to do it. Probably not until Christmas.

Anyways, we’re a third of the way through October and I know I need to take the time to do a blog on Nanowrimo. Read more »

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Lesson 1b from an English Teacher

Before I move on to the next couple of 6-traits, I have a little bit more to share about Ideas and Content. I wanted to introduce a few concepts that I myself just learned and shared with my students this year, and that I could go back and use in my writing a little more.

Here are three terms: Snapshot, thoughtshot, and explode-a-moment. Read more »

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Lesson 1 from an English Teacher

Yep, school is definitely sucking up my time and energy. Also, the newness of having a blog is wearing off, so I’m not posting as often. Just thought I’d start off with some honesty.

This is a series for my blog I realized I could write, since much of what I teach my students crosses over with what makes a good writer. Read more »

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Three lessons from my summer vacation

I haven’t been blogging for the past month and I know that’s horrible of me and so I apologize. I also apologize to those who have visited and made comments that were waiting to be approved by me. I finally got around to approving them! Thanks for the support and the suggestions. I have so much to learn about blogging, so the little suggestions (when offered kindly as the ones I received were) are helpful in highlighting what areas I can improve. Read more »

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Exchanging Pantsing for Planning

Or at least for once I am.

Those of you who are confused obviously have never participated in NaNoWriMo. Go ahead and click on that link so I don’t have to take a whole paragraph to explain it to you and can move on to the whole “pantsing” and “planning” explanation instead. Read more »

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The writing retreat was absolutely fantastic. First of all, it’s always nice to get out of the heat of an Arizona summer in the Phoenix Valley. Thankfully, it’s never more than a few hours drive to get to higher elevations, greener scenery, and cooler temperatures. Then, we stayed at the most beautiful cabin I have ever seen. I wish I had pictures. Read more »

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Learning Something New

One of the blogs I follow shared this great video about the process it takes to actually a publish a book. Now, this is not the “from first draft to signing the publishing contract” process. As nice as it would be to think that if you followed certain steps, you’d be guaranteed to get your book published, seeing what happens AFTER you manage to get a publishing contract is still very interesting and informative. Read more »

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A Writing Vacation

And by that, I mean a vacation to actually get some writing done-or in my case, some rewriting-and not a vacation from writing. I take too many of those already. Read more »

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My first post on writing advice.

Or, actually, critiquing advice. And it isn’t my advice, but something that I read that struck a chord with me so I wanted to share. Read more »

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