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Fav pic of me

At the Omaho Zoo with my sister.

Heather Romito was born in Kentucky and grew up an army brat, which makes it difficult for her to answer the question “Where are you from?” She now resides in Arizona where she teaches high school English and takes pleasure in tearing apart the badly written essays her students turn in.

Heather decided she wanted to be a writer in the fifth grade when her story about baby sitting was chosen to move on to the next level of the writing contest she hadn’t known she was competing in when she first wrote the story. She did not move onto the third round, but she blames her horrible drawing skills and not the writing.

Since then Heather has written books, poems and short stories. She now focuses on writing high fantasy for young adult readers and is working on what she hopes will be her debut novel, but if nothing else will be a great learning experience for when she finally does write that debut novel.

When she isn’t writing, Heather enjoys reading other young adult novels (mainly differing varieties of fantasy), knitting, playing video games, browsing through Netflix, going to the movies or the theater (on the rare occasion when she has an opportunity to see a live show), running, and spending time with her friends.

Heather can be contacted at theheadinmywords@gmail.com

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