September 10th, 2015 #pitmad

Last week, I participated in my first #pitmad. What’s #pitmad? Instead of taking the time to explain it, I’ll just put a link to a website that’s already done that. Go ahead and read that. I’ll wait. Read more »

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Blog Link up: My Writing Style

The wonderful Katy White, who writes YA of all genres, tagged me for this blog link up! You can learn more about this amazing writer (and dear friend of mine!) and her writing style here! Read more »


My first ever cover reveal!

You guys, I am so dang excited.

I get to reveal a cover.

It’s not a cover for a book that I wrote. None of my manuscripts are anywhere close to being ready for cover design. The only parts of this book that I wrote are the back cover blurb and the copyright notice. I’m not terribly proud of the first, and I hope I didn’t do anything wrong with the second. Read more »

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To be or not to be–in a writing group.

Personally, I think the answer to this age-old conundrum is an easy one. I wouldn’t even call it a conundrum. Because there’s really no debating it.

Of course you should be in a writing group. Here’s some reasons why. Read more »

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Grammar Corner

Welcome back to the grammar corner. Why is it the grammar corner you ask? Because most people want to shove those who are exceptional at grammar in the corner!

Okay, that’s enough cheesy jokes for now. Read more »

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Resolutions and Me

About 2 AM in the morning of January, 1st 2014 (so yesterday morning) I was sitting at Ihop with a few friends after a rousing New Year’s Eve party, having breakfast and discussing New Years Resolutions. Had this conversation happened three or more years ago, I would have resolutely claimed that I don’t make resolutions because who ever keeps them so why waste the time? Read more »

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Lesson 2 from an English Teacher

Let’s jump straight into the next trait from the 6 traits of writing: Voice.

Voice is an abstract concept that can be hard to grasp and is definitely a challenge to truly teach my students, who are only marginally interested (and that could be giving them way too much credit) in the subject. Read more »

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Grammar Corner Debut

My writing group (which I promise to blog about soon) made a request of me last December to start sharing my knowledge of all things grammar. Read more »

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I mentioned attending a writing conference in my previous post and I didn’t want to wait to talk about it or the importance of attending writing conferences. I seriously came out of that writing contest feeling like my head was about to explode from all the knowledge and insights I had gained about writing. I also simultaneously wanted to burn all my previous writing and use it to practice the tips and techniques I had learned. Read more »

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Hiatus Over

I haven’t posted since before NaNoWriMo last November. I could make excuses, but really it just comes down to me being lazy and not making the time for this blog.

But time to change that. I have dreams. I have goals. And I can’t be lazy or unorganized. So to begin, let me go over, in no particular order, what I’ve been up to since I last posted. Read more »

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